“I want to be a java developer, What are the all skills that I need to have. I have learned the core java in college but what now?”

Does this sound a familiar question! You too may have a similar question in your mind. Don’t worry, This article explains what are all the skills that you will need to be a Java web developer, and what are the skills that you are expected to have when you appear for an interview for a Java/J2EE web developer.

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The servlet 3.0 specification has come up with many new and exciting features. This article explains the major changes since the previous specification.

  1. Web framework pluggability
  2. Annotation
  3. Built in File upload support
  4. Modularization of of deployment descriptor web.xml
  5. Asynchronous servlets and comet support

See Introduction to Servlet 3.0 new features

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Right click on the directory and select properties. check the derived attribute.

That’s it !. All the files and subdirectories are excluded from resource list.

Apache Sling is a web framework that uses a Java Content Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, to store and manage content.

Sling applications use either scripts or Java servlets, selected based on simple name conventions, to process HTTP requests in a RESTful way.

As the first web framework dedicated to JSR-170 Java Content Repositories, Sling makes it very simple to implement simple applications, while providing an enterprise-level framework for more complex applications.

Bertrand Delacretaz and David Nuescheler created a sample site like TSS in Sling in 10 minutes, live on stage at the Jazoon conference. You See the sample here

Bertrand Delacretaz has written a tutorial which helps in getting started with the sling launchpad. the tutorial explains how to:

  1. get the launchpad
  2. build the launchpad
  3. start the launchpad
  4. create some content
  5. Render content using server-side java script

And some addition examples of how to create the node with uniqueue path,  add page header with sling.include

there are good tutorials on dev.day.com also

I have heard an employee of day software saying that dev.day.com is built on sling

Sling presentation

Just before few days when I was editing a screen shot with MS Paint, some one told me about a screen capturing utility SnagIt. When I installed and started using it, I asked my self what the hell was I doing with paint for all these days !!. why was I struggling with Paint when ever client asked for a screen shot of the proposed change in application !!.

If you use paint, than you may know, how frustrating it is, like capture the screen with Print Screen, go to paint and paste, remove the unwanted portions, the list goes on…..

Why SnagIt?

  • Easily capture the regions of the screen.
  • Capture a window.
  • Capture a scrolling window or webpage (How will you do this with paint?)
  • Record the screen video.
  • Easily outline interested area with various shapes like circles, elipse, square etc.
  • Use callouts like arrows, ballons.
  • Easy to learn and use.

There are lots of other cool features that I don’t know yet. You can see some of the example screen shots here.

If you need to take screen shots frequently and you use paint for it than I will strongly recommend SnagIt. You can download a trial version of the software from here


RegionWindow capture

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